Benromach – Classic Speyside Single Malt


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Beautifully balanced with a light smoky  influence, it’s the only single malt whisky being distilled today that has the classic pre-1960s Speyside character.

Benromach is one of the very few whiskies in Scotland to be handcrafted in the traditional way today. Just three dedicated distillers orchestrate every second of the distillation process. And every cask of spirit is hand-filled, hand-weighed and hand-stamped.

Benromach 10 Years Old has delicious flavours of forest fruits and creamy malt, a wisp of smoke and lingering, luscious sherry notes


Tasting Notes:

Nose: Dry, barley, big on malt and oak. Dry pine, fruity. A tad spirity. Sweet spices after a time and a hint of puckering prune from the sherry cask and maple fudge.

Palate: Barley, slightly herbal, a little fruit, grassy. Big on malt, ground ginger.

Finish: Mouthwateringly bittersweet. Ginger, dry sherry, almost hoppy after a while.

Overall: A great whisky, its maturity belies its 10 years of age and the sherry finish has done wonders.


Size : 70cl             Alc: 43%vol


NB: Licensing restrictions prevent shipment to areas outside the United Kingdom

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